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We help physicians and clinics improve patient outcomes and stay independent and profitable - even with shifting reimbursement models and increased operating costs.

Find out how you can increase compliance and improve outcomes with ancillary services:

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Increased Collaboration


Physician and pharmacist work as a team to treat patients
Increased Compliance


Increased patient compliance improves medical outcomes
Improved Outcomes


Healthier patients leads to stronger VBP reimbursements

Is patient non-compliance an issue for you?

"I thought I was only suppose to take it once a day?"

How many times have you heard this (or something similar), knowing that if you could simply increase your patient’s medication compliance, their health outcome would improve dramatically?

50% of patients don’t take their medication as prescribed, and non-compliance causes 30-50% of treatment failures.

But what can you do? You can’t force a patient to take their medications correctly. You could follow up with patients by phone, but you don’t have the time.

That’s where point-of-care pharmacists come in.

How We Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Practice Revenues

We provide a broad range of ancillary services to physicians and clinics, including:

Practice Pharmacies In-Practice Pharmacies (we set up, staff, and run the pharmacy)
Support Center Support Center Services for Your Patients
Toxicology Testing Toxicology Testing You Can Administer In-House
Injection Kits Billable Injection Kits That Save You Time

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